Support & Helpdesk

Users of our own Software as a Service (SaaS) / public cloud offering at Kolab Now, as well as users on the dedicated hosted service and of our partners and resellers some times need help to figure out how to get the best out of Kolab. And sometimes they encounter problems that they either do not know, or that are out of their control to solve. That's when support and the help desk can shine.

And when done well, this is the kind of testimonial it results in:

"I decided to join MyKolab because I care a lot about privacy and human rights. This is probably the best company I've ever seen. Your data are their main concern. You're not only enjoying a respectful service, you're also supporting Freedom and Free software. And the staff is incredibly friendly and qualified. I just... LOVE MyKolab." -- Hugues M.V., Paris, France

Human, competent, personal, friendly support is very important to us and our users. Especially when things go wrong, which in a young company they may occasionally do - as also highlighted in our general notes about working at Kolab Systems.

If you think that this kind of job might be interest you, we would love to hear from you.

Perfect candidates would be fluent in English, and be able to support people in one or two additional languages from the following list: German, FrenchItalianSpanish, Portuguese. Other languages would be a plus. 

Writing skills are a strong plus, as it would allow you to contribute to our documentation and Q&A materials, as well as making sure all the information is available in as many languages as possible.

Our support & help desk office is located in Berlin, Germany, but at least partial home office would be possible.

We are family friendly as an employer, several of your colleagues would have children.

This can also be a part-time position, including for a student. No agencies, please. 

How to apply?

Please send us your CV and letter of motivation to jobs -AT -