Software Development

Kolab Systems is the primary source for development around Kolab.

Our development takes place in the open, as part of the Kolab Community with a completely Free Software/Open Source toolchain. We focus on agile methodologies (two week sprints), test driven development and continuous integration. There are two distinct products with their own product owners, the server and the client.

What we are looking for in a software developer

Besides what we have described on the overview page, we are looking for candidates familiar with (or willing to adapt to) tools we deploy, such as:

  • Git
  • Bugzilla
  • Phabricator
  • OBS

In your application we will look for anything that demonstrates your ability to work in distributed teams, or experience working in agile, test-driven environments. If you can, let us know how what your perspective on security is, and what experiences (positive or negative) you may have made in this field.


Our server side falls into two categories of technology, the web client and the backend technologies.

For the backend, we are looking for capable developers in the Phoenix Framework, Elixir, Erlang and C as well as PythonTechnologies you might find yourself working on include the IMAP server, MAPI service, JMAP service, XMPP and WebRTC services, as well as the advanced new capabilities of Kolab. If you are only proficient in parts of the stack above, but willing to learn, let us know. 

For the web client we are looking for JavaScript/HTML5 developers to work with us on Roundcube Next and all its various capabilities.

Specifically, our ideal Front-end developer for the web would have the following  profile:

Front-end developer

We are on the lookout for a talented and enthusiastic full-time front-end developer to join our team. You will be responsible for bringing our products and website to life with your technical wizardry.

More details:

  • Years experience don’t matter too much, we just want someone who can prove their passion, creativity and skill set to complement our high standards.
  • HTML5 and CSS are the main ingredients. Including optimisation, video, audio, webfonts, etc..
  • A true love for open source and freedom in software
  • Ability to interpret wireframes and designs to create responsive page layouts
  • Knowledge of Drupal and CMS platforms would be a clear advantage
  • Thrives on self-learning to stay at the forefront of technical opportunity
  • Have experience using JavaScript frameworks and libraries (examples include AngularJS, jQuery, Backbone, Ember, Knockout etc.).
  • The ability to analyse a brief and work with our team to create awesome shit together
  • An understanding of current web design/development best practices, styles and methodology
  • GIT and SASS experience
  • Good communication skills

This vacancy is for a full-time or part-time role only. No agencies please.


We are looking for candidates with strong skills in C++, Qt, QML and QtQuick.

Ideally, you're also familiar with cross-platform development, specifically on GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android. If you're overqualified, you also know iOS and Java based mobile development. And socially you'll earn bonus points if you already have experience contributing to KDE, or another desktop environment.

How to apply?

Please send us your CV and letter of motivation to jobs -AT-