Roundcube Services and Support from Roundcube's Lead Developers

In time with the Roundcube 0.9 release, Kolab Systems informs that access to the Roundcube core developers for professional purposes is no longer limited to Certified Kolab customers only. Alongside professional support for the Kolab web client which adds extensive calendaring, task and mobile synchronization capabilities to Roundcube, Kolab Systems now also provides professional services and support for the open source web mailer itself.

Roundcube is the most popular webmailer with more than 500.000 public installations serving millions of users. It has a very mature code base which is completely Free Software and can be extended easily by plugins. There are currently more than 100 plugins available and new ones are added every day.

Following Enterprise only support in Kolab 2.3 and later, Kolab 3.0 and onwards integrate Roundcube as their default web client. The developers have been busy to improve Roundcube's quality further and add the missing groupware features that Kolab requires. The 0.7 release of Roundcube was the first to benefit from this collaboration. Kolab Systems sponsored many changes under the hood that made the famous webmailer more reliable and ready for the enterprise.

Besides improvements on the stability and quality of the codebase, many new features and plugins have been developed for Kolab by the Roundcube developers on Kolab Systems payroll, enabled by Kolab Enterprise customers and partners. A calendar, a task management module, contact search as well as integrated ODF and PDF viewers are just some of the new featues. Currently, support for CalDAV and CardDAV are in development and will be released with Kolab 3.1 in summer.

"Kolab Systems is one of the rare Open Source businesses that works hard to always be a good Free Software citizen. Our support of Roundcube is just one consequence of this." says Georg Greve, CEO of Kolab Systems. "While we enable the Roundcube core team to continue improving the state of the art for everyone, we would not want to monopolize the availability of the best professional support available. And now that Kolab's new webclient satisfies our high standards, we have free capacities to also support the Roundcube community by offering services not strictly related to Kolab."

Of course the Roundcube developers continue to run the project independently and improve it in their spare time, as well, and even more so than in the past. But sometimes that is not enough. Now there is an additional avenue for support that is especially suitable to business users who require high quality and reliability. All users who want to fund new features for Roundcube or need issues to be resolved are encouraged to contact Kolab Systems.

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