Kolab Systems update on changes in shareholding and board

Zurich, 18 August 2017: Kolab Systems AG announces completion of restructuring and buy-out by its team in collaboration with a Swiss group of strong partners to add competency, network and great opportunities.

Adfinis SyGroup AG, Switzerland’s leading Open Source Integrator and Philipp Koch known as Cofounder of nine.ch, the leading provider of managed Linux servers in Switzerland have joined the Kolab team. Michael Moser and Philipp Koch will be joining Kolab CEO Georg Greve in the board along with Kolab CTO and long-term architect Jeroen van Meeuwen.

Part of this new setup is the exit of original Kolab developers Intevation GmbH and KDAB together with Swiss security specialists Oneiroi AG, formerly Dreamlab Technologies AG. The Kolab team would like to thank its ex-shareholders and in particular former board members Matthias Kalle Dalheimer and Nicolas Mayencourt for their input, expertise and work over the years.

It is the mission of Kolab to design and deliver a complete and intuitive collaboration solution through technology that is open, private and secure for all to enjoy as well as trust. Our target are all levels of society, especially those who share our vision.

The Kolab team warmly welcomes Michael Moser of Adfinis SyGroup AG and Philipp Koch amongst its ranks. Together, we make it happen!


About Kolab Systems AG:

Kolab Systems provides the secure Kolab collaborative suite to large companies, Application Service Providers (ASP), government departments, SMEs, and individuals. With Kolab our clients increase their productivity and security without sacrificing their agility, allowing them to collaborate in confidence. Our ever-expanding range of services includes email, calendars, files, tasks, notes, address books, and more.

Our Kolab Enterprise professional services "tiger team" is made up by highly qualified system experts. They will help you get the most out of your installation and will handle even the most advanced deployment scenarios.

Kolab Systems is a purely Swiss business with a European team and offices in various countries. All our infrastructure and data is held exclusively in Switzerland, including our own Software as a Service / Cloud offering, Kolab Now. We are your professional partner for enterprise services backed by Swiss privacy laws.

Get in touch and let us help you turn on confidence for your collaboration.