Kolab 16.1 Out Now !

Boost the safety and productivity of your collaborative work environment

Zurich, Switzerland – December 15, 2016 - Kolab Systems is proud to announce the release of Kolab 16.1. This new version comes with some groundbreaking improvements that will enhance your experience with Kolab. Kolab 16.1 comes with full ActiveSync compatibility for Outlook users, the new Collaborative Editing and the new Audit Trail option. What's more, Kolab 16.1 comes with long term commercial support. This means subscribers to our support service will get five years of updates, patches and tickets. Learn more about supported platforms and the benefits of a software subscription by visiting kolabenterprise.com/platforms and kolabenterprise.com/benefits.

Full ActiveSync compatibility for Outlook users

Kolab 16.1 includes ActiveSync compatibility, which allows Outlook users access to all Kolab's features; multi-calendar support, for the likes of Outlook 2013 and all mobile devices accessing Kolab via ActiveSync. This version also has better support for internalization -- you can now use umlauts and other compound characters in imap filtering, scheduling and email.

Collaborative Editing – Experience working together in the cloud

Try out the new Collaborative Editing* add-on! This provides a full-featured office suite, complete with word processor, spreadsheets and presentation apps, all from within the Kolab web interface. This means you can store your files and edit them, on the cloud, from anywhere, directly from your web browser-- no other software needed. The Collaborative Editing add-on is compatible with all major office programs, such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice; and allows several users to edit the same documents simultaneously.

Audit Trail – Full traceability, no compliance gaps

Kolab 16.1 comes with another very interesting optional add-ons you will want to explore: The Audit Trail** keeps a real time, immutable history of all data, every email, and every note, created and sent on or to the system. The Trail registers creations, reads, deletions and moves of all the data, giving you a full detailed view of everything going in and out of your Kolab collaboration service.

Secure IMAP connections

Kolab 16.1 is the safest Kolab to date. It even takes into account shortcomings in software from third parties, since it now provides a state-of-art technology that allows it to secure an otherwise insecure IMAP connection even on legacy email clients.

Hot-failover – Maximise your service availability

Finally, and especially interesting for companies running Kolab in IMAP cluster deployments, we have the hot-failover feature for replicated storage backends: If one or several servers within your cluster fail, the rest of the nodes can take over without suffering any data loss or the whole service going down.


Join the Kolab experience now

With Kolab 16.1 out, if you are still not using Kolab as you collaboration suite, now is a probably the best moment to start. If you are already a user, this a great moment to upgrade. Get in touch with us at sales@kolabsystems.com and let us help you get started.


* Commercially available for Kolab Enterprise in the course of January

**Commercially available for Kolab Enterprise in the course of February