Introducing Kolab Enterprise 13

Kolab Systems is proud to announce the release of Kolab Enterprise 13, the first release in the next generation of Kolab platforms. The world's leading groupware solution for fully featured secure collaboration is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and will be subsequently made available for further platforms. Based upon the 3.1 community edition Kolab Enterprise is equally fully Open Source, but comes with a whole set of enterprise benefits essential for professional users and ISPs. Certified Kolab, the transitional product, will continue to be supported for existing customers but will no longer be available or supported in any other setting.

Kolab Enterprise 13 for RHEL is providing the full range of cross-platform, mobile and BYOD capabilities with all the standard features: Email, Calendar, Tasks and File-Cloud, with an address book that is uniquely powerful and can work with hundreds of thousands of entries in extremely complex directory structures even in the web client. Native support for all mobiles and tablets, Mac OS X and applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird make Kolab the first choice for today's heterogeneous infrastructures. Source of Roundcube, the world's most popular web mail application, the Kolab web client is fast, elegant and easy to use, as proven by millions of users around the world in over 500'000 reported installations.

What makes Kolab uniquely powerful in today's world of corporate and governmental espionage is that it has been developed with a security centric architecture from its beginnings in the German federal office for IT security (BSI). Because security cannot be retro-fitted this provides users of Kolab with an assurance that goes way beyond what other platforms can offer. Kolab Systems also adds modules for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for state of the art Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) of all components, including for internal server communications. As part of its offering for enterprise customers, Kolab Systems also offers to deploy Kolab in highly secure installations employing defense in depth methodologies utlizing the latest OpenFlow technologies.

“Kolab Enterprise will be a set of yearly releases with version numbering based on their year of release,” explains Georg Greve, CEO of Kolab Systems. “It will be re-based on the more aggressively development oriented community versions which are on a half yearly release cycle with quick deprecation of older versions, similar to what Fedora and other communities practice. All focus is on the latest and greatest, with some room for experimentation by an active and diverse community. Kolab Enterprise on the other hand has its focus on stability, predictability and long-term supportability to guarantee stability of investments and operations.”

Kolab Enterprise 13 also supports a whole range of optional preferences for its users, such as choices between Apache and NGINX, or a variety of SQL platforms for caching. For ISPs it is important to know that Kolab Systems not only offers them support for  installations based on GlusterFS and DRBD, but can also offer an administration and accounting framework. Kolab Enterprise 13 is available for on-site installation as well as a white label offering for ISPs and as, a secure cloud offering provided by Kolab Systems from a secure data centre in Switzerland that has repeatedly been featured as the best choice for privacy and security conscious organisations and groups that want to enjoy the benefits of Swiss data protection legislation.

If you are interested in any of the new offerings, please contact us. A pricelist is also available.