City of Munich goes Kolab Enterprise

Furstenfeldbruck, 25 February 2014
The City of Munich has chosen Kolab as the new groupware system for the municipal departments and municipally-owned companies. The municipality has designated ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH as the contractor to integrate and supervise the migration to the new system.
Kolab will become part of MigMak, the Town Hall's mail and calendar system migration project. Decisive factors in the winning bid included Kolab's technical excellence and its first-class support of the security framework of the city of Munich.
The Municipality will deploy the Kolab Desktop Client, in combination with the Kolab Enterprise 13 web client, on more than 14,000 LiMux PCs, as well as on the remaining Windows devices within the organization. Kolab is completely open-source and includes full professional support.
A customised training program, including a web-based training module developed and implemented by szenaris GmbH, will support users in the transition and migration to the new Kolab system.
As general contractor, ESG is responsible for the success of the entire project and will also ensure a smooth implementation of the following service components:
• System specification
• Migration and integration of data from the old systems to the new groupware solution and the connection with third party systems.
• Installation, configuration, migration, testing and commissioning of the software in accordance with the migration and integration tasks.
• Related consultancy services

 Originally developed for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the Kolab groupware solution is being developed by Kolab Systems AG in Switzerland.

About the ESG
For fifty years, ESG has been one of Germany's leading companies for the development, integration and operation of complex, frequently security-relevant, electronic and IT systems. More than 1600 employees around the world provide logistics, system development, training and consultancy services for military, government and industry customers. Independent process and technology consultancy is one of ESG's key areas of expertise. By enabling technology transfer between markets, we make a decisive contribution to the added value of our customers.
About szenaris
szenaris GmbH is a partner for the design, implementation and supervision of individual, innovative, internet-based training media, simulations and virtual realities (VR). It offers E-learning programmes and team-training systems. These training forms can be used at any place and time according to the specific task requirements of the customer. They allow the employees or team members to learn individually, are cost-effective and often replace original systems. The experienced team has longstanding expertise in instruction, training and simulation. Innovative strength is harnessed to integrate new technology into the training solutions of their customers.

About Kolab Systems

Kolab Systems AG is an Open Source Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developing, maintaining, supporting and providing a wide range of services around the Kolab Groupware Solution. Fully committed to software freedom and Open Standards, it is the global competency leader and custodian for a process open to community participation. The results of that process reach our customers as a quality assured solution that brings all the benefits of Free Software. Part of a company group that excels in security and cross platform solutions, Kolab Systems is prepared to provide you with the level of mission critical data integrity you deserve.

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