After Groklaw shutdown: MyKolab as Lavabit alternative, offering Lite option

To meet popular demand, now offers a lite option to make its privacy respecting service accessible for a broader audience. The secure groupware service is offered by Kolab Systems in Switzerland and currently the gold standard for keeping personal information private according to Gizmodo and others.

After Silent Circle and Lavabit - the email service that Edward Snowden supposedly used - shut down, many people have found their new privacy asylum with the full groupware and collaboration provider In the light of more and more pure webmail services coming under scrutiny or disappearing there has been considerable demand for a mail-only option. Not everybody requires premium services such as calenders, tasks, files or synchronization to any mobile device.

"After Groklaw's shutdown, the attention for MyKolab was overwhelming. We reacted as fast as we could to meet the demand and to make real email privacy affordable for almost everyone." Georg Greve, the CEO of Kolab Systems explains. He continues to point out: "While we are happy to be in a position to help, it is deeply troublesome that our world now seems to require privacy refugee camps for ordinary and distinguished citizens such as Pamela Jones. We believe privacy should be the default, not the exception."

Alongside the new mail-only Lite option, also added to the premium offer: Users now have the ability to store files in their MyKolab account as well and access them with the Open Standard WebDAV protocol. Editing text files, playing videos and reading PDF documents is possible right from the web client.

More exciting new features are already in their pipeline. "Step by step we will turn MyKolab into a unified solution for your personal communication and collaboration." Greve reveals. He further promises "What's more: All the technology that we are building for MyKolab will always be available as Open Source so that all of society benefits and you remain in control. The ability to self-host your own instance is an essential part of what we provide."