Here at Kolab we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic professionals to join our growing team. We keep a little black book of people we know, appreciate and trust, that we would love to work with in the future. If you like the idea of kolaborating with us sometime in the future, then take a look at the talent list below and see if anything complements your skills.

I like the sound of that, how do I apply?

Just send us your CV and a little bit about how you would fit into the Kolab culture. As you can imagine, we get a huge amount of emails, so make yours stand out! Once ready, post them over to: jobs -AT-

So, let's share a little bit about why Kolab is a cool place to work.

Kolab is a technology company, so things get a little geeky. We come in different shapes and sizes, as well. We have IT architecture geeks, design geeks, code geeks, networking geeks. As part of our culture, we have many discussions about the needs of society, the state of the world, politics, art, food, sports, beer and of course software freedom. 

When things get serious, Kolab has an important mission to fulfill. There are a large number of users relying on our communication software and our support within their digital lives. We constantly strive to meet our gold standard service levels to enable our customers to collaborate in confidence.

So, if you want a new challenge, are passionate about software freedom, like shaping things, are not afraid of responsibility, are super talented and love the idea of building the future of online communication and collaboration, then you will fit right in.

Where in the world are we looking for new talent?

  • English. It's our working language. It's fine if you feel your command of the language is not good or if you feel a bit rusty. As in any diverse team, broken English is the most commonly spoken language.
  • Europe, perhaps Latin America. Maybe Asia. We are a Swiss company, so candidates from Switzerland, ideally Zurich are preferred. Our other office location is Berlin, Germany and we're having some presence in Austria and the UK. There is the possibility for some positions to be working remotely from the home office.

    We are not currently hiring in the United States.

So what will make you stand out?

  • Community Participation. We're a Free Software company. We don't just do this to earn a living. If you've participated in the community before, that is a huge plus. 
  • Female Applicants Preferred. Due to the sad shape of the technology industry in terms of gender imbalance that is unfortunately also represented in our own company, when provided with two similarly qualified people, we will prefer female applicants.

One last thing. Let's have some fun!

You might want to acquire a sense of humour before applying. Just saying ;)